Tom Meyer

On behalf of the entire team here I wanted to send you a much belated note of thanks and deep appreciation. I am sure that when most clients come to you they do not present a complete theme, and concept and then ask you to try and not change anything.

However within our ‘Big Idea’ there was much that needed a keen eye and experienced hands to deliver on. What you and your team helped us to create on the night of the 7th, for more than 700 invited guests, was simply world class. The entire event which required our guests to be transported through 8 stages, or Worlds as we called it, ran incredibly smoothly. In fact what appeared to be our biggest challenge, moving such a large crowd of VIP guests through so many ‘worlds’, proved to be our biggest success.

I was truly impressed with your incredible professionalism and untiring focus both running up to and on the big day itself. It would be a great pleasure to refer future clients and events to you, and equally if you are asked for a reference I would be more than happy to supply this.

I really look forward to working together with you and GBA Events Asia again in the future and to hopefully many more successful collaborations. As I said to the team here; our Grand Opening was a World Class Event delivered by a World Class team, we could not have done it without you!

Thank you again and with kindest regards.